Q1: Do we have to create an account and register on the website to place my order?

A1: Yes, we recommend that you register an account via our website so that it’ll be easier for you monitor and keep track of your orders.

Q2: I’ve placed a “Manual” Order for a particular item via your Facebook Page/Group should i place my order here too?

A2: Unfortunately, we do not recommend that as we have two separate Pre-order/Order listing both of those are the “Manual” And “Website” Pre-orders/Orders.

Q3: What does “Manual” ordering mean?

A3: Basically “Manual” ordering is if you’re placing your order via our Facebook Page/Group and not using our website for the said order.

Q4: I’ve placed a pre-order for a particular item before and I saw it already available at your Shopee/Lazada platform, can I check-out the said item there instead?

A4: No, we do not allow that as of the moment, as the stocks listed there are strictly for walk-in/retail only.

Q5: My pre-order had already arrived as per the notice sent by your team, I originally chose store pick-up but I changed my mind and wanted to opt for shipping instead, is that possible?

A5: Sure thing, just kindly advise our team or send us a message regarding any changes to your preferred arrangment and our team will try their best to comply with your needs.

Q6: I have a pending pre-order and I already deposited the minimum required downpayment for that order, although I have changed my mind and i already lost my interest on that item, can I just transfer the Downpayment to a different item instead?

A6: No, sorry. As per our terms and conditions, Pre-order deposits/downpayments are non-refundable and non-transferabble.