Pre-order or pre-released items are subject to manufacturer’s actual release date/s.

Delays and product cancellations from manufacturers are beyond our control.

By pre-ordering an item, you have agreed to patiently wait until the actual release date of your order. Again, any further delays are beyond our control.

ETA (estimated time of arrival) is for reference only, actual arrival date/s may be late/early.

Stocks may arrive in different batches, we will allocate the orders on a first to order, first served basis. If your pre-order is allotted for the first batch of stocks that had arrived and you’ve failed to claim it within the span of 7 days after it’s arrival, your pre-order will be automatically allotted to the succeeding batch of stocks.

Some pre-order items are subject to allocation, in an event of stock shortage, customers who placed their deposits first will be prioritized, deposits will be transferred as store credit or refunded to those who didn’t make the allocation.

All pre-orders after the deadline will be manually adjusted to Store Price unless we extend the deadline and if there are slots left.

Pre-order deadlines may close early or extend depending on the allocation of slots or suppliers/manufacturers discretion.


All pre-order deposits are non refundable/transferable unless the product is cancelled by the manufacturer.

Cancellation of pre-order is subject to forfeiture of your deposit.

In an event of stock shortage, your deposit will be refunded if your order didn’t make the allocation.

Allow us 7-14 days to process your refund or you may claim it through our physical store.

Failure to settle the required downpayment for your pre-order will lead to the cancellation of your pre-order.

INSTOCK items must be settled within 24 hours after you’ve placed your order, failure to settle within the provided time period will lead to the cancellation of your order.


You will be notified and provided an invoice once your pre-order is already available for claiming. A Follow-up will be provided after 3-4 days if you haven’t replied or provided any advice regarding your preferred arrangement.

If you pre-ordered thru our shop, allow us 1-2 days to notify you thru SMS on the phone number that you have provided (applicable for those first time to place an order from us).

Pre-order balance must be settled upon shop pick up/bank transfer.

All Pre-order items must be claimed/picked-up within 7 days upon arrival.

Late pick-ups are subject to a 10% additional charge per week based on the pre-order price of your item.

Unclaimed items for more than 4 weeks upon arrival will lead to the forfeiture of your deposit and pre-order.

Fully paid items are subject to forfeiture for more than 6-8 weeks of storage.

Some retail stocks will arrive 2-3 weeks earlier than our pre-orders stocks for high demand items, hence the higher price.


JRS Express is our primary courier when it comes to orders/pre-orders placed outside our other E-commerce platforms (Shopee,Lazada,etc).

Shipping fee depends on the box size of your item, we will only be able to provide cost estimates, any discrepancies will be added/less on your next shipment.

We accept no liability and responsibility for any damages, delays and lost shipments as these are beyond our control. Should any of these problems arise, rest assured that as part of our after sales service we will assist you with the tracking and follow ups with the courier company.


The terms and conditions will be discussed with the customer directly.